European Med Tech and IVD Reimbursement Consultancy- MTRC

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    European reimbursement consultancy for Med Tech and IVD industry. Key services are reimbursement mapping and strategy. Database of the ready-made (off-the-shelf) reimbursement reports for medical technologies
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    Oleg Borisenko, CEO
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    Emerging Markets
    Health Policy, Reform, Delivery
    Market Access
European Med Tech and IVD Reimbursement Consultancy- MTRC
Listing Overview

MTRC is a Stockholm-based provider of on-demand and off-the-shelf European reimbursement analysis and strategy for the Med Tech / IVD industry and investor companies. We do not do any pharma projects and fully focused on analysis in relation to for medical device and in-vitro diagnostics.

Our two core services are the provision of reimbursement analysis and the development of reimbursement strategy for medical devices in 14 European countries, including Austria, Belgium, Denmark, England, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Russia, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland.

We provide services for major types of medical technologies: implantable devices, interventional procedures, non-interventional procedures, medical aids, laboratory tests, point of care tests, companion diagnostic tests.

Apart from standard consulting we maintain database of the off-the-shelf reimbursement reports for medical technologies in 11 EU countries. Our clients can save up to 60-80% of the budget by using ready reports vs regular consulting.

Our special offer for investment companies and corporate finance of industry is urgent (within 2 weeks) market access review for technology as part of due diligence projects.

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