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Are you using surveyquestionnaires for:
• pricing and market access?
• defining and understanding value propositions?
• optimising product value?
• policy development?
• patient satisfaction/outcome surveys?

HealthSurveySolutions is a specialist consultancy offering expert and personalised support in the development, evaluation and testing of health survey questionnaires.
Using our QuestReview™, HealthSurveySolutions will undertake the following and return the edited questionnaire via MS Word Track Changes feature.

Review the client/developer’s survey brief to ensure that the meaning and concepts to be measured are clarified
Resolution of issues relating to clarity of wording through a process of concept elaboration to identify ambiguities
Review of the questionnaire to highlight any sentences/phrases requiring specific comments

Our QuestConsult™ starts at the end by first establishing the purpose of the survey and how you want the findings and key messages disseminated. We help you set your goal, define the survey objectives, set out the survey process, choose the correct question types and response options etc.

We review your survey brief prior to the consultation
We consult with you – face-to-face/Skype – on the scheduled date with up to three people to ensure that the meaning and concepts to be measured are clarified
We provide advice on the type of question and response formats suitable for collecting the required information you require
We provide a minimum two-page summary of the consultation and recommendations

Level 1 Support
If your requirements is for a developed, evaluated and tested questionnaire we apply our QuestDevelop™ which includes concept elicitation, establishing content validity, item evaluation, psychometric testing (internal reliability, construct validity etc.).
Level 2 Support
If your requirements are less stringent than for Level 1, it is still essential that the questionnaire has been designed to avoid respondents becoming annoyed by badly-phrased or irrelevant questions or missing or misinterpreting the questionnaires etc.

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One review on “HealthSurveySolutions

    Shirena Counter

    We had been struggling to develop a questionnaire to measure the impact of our intervention on patients’ quality of life. Keith was very clear with us what we needed to do and using his expert knowledge and skills, he facilitated us to develop a set of Patient Related Outcome Measures to use with our patients.

    HealthSurveySolutions was professional, helpful, responsive and efficient.

    Shirena Counter Therapies Clinical Operations Manager & Professional Lead for Dietetics, Royal Free Hospital