Registered users can easily add, update, delete special events in our event categories.

After logging into your account, simply choose EVENTS from the main navigation.  You will be presented with the Events Calendar.  To create an event, simply click “ADD EVENT, circled in red.



You will be taken into your Calendar Administration console.  Use the Date Navigation (circled in red) to find the Month and Year for your event, then click the appropriate date (example bordered in blue) to add your event.



You now have the opportunity to add event details.  To create an all day event, check the box, then select the FROM and TO dates.  For a one day event, uncheck ALL DAY, and enter the date and time.  If your event repeats yearly, select from the options provided.  Choose your category, then enter your event information.  If you have a page on your company website offering more information, enter the URL in the field provided.  After adding your contact information, click the ADD button to create your event on the HE Business Directory Event Calendar!



To return to the main screen of The HE Business Directory, click HealthEconomics.Com Business Directory, located near the upper left of your browser.